Password Best Practices

What do you think of when it comes to making a password for a new login that you need?

Well first off you probably make up something that you will remember. You may use part of your name of some of your families names, birth date or other things that are part of you. You may even use the same password for multiple accounts.

Why You Must Use A More Unique Password…

When people use easy or use one password for multiple accounts you are leaving yourself venerable to getting hacked. When you use things that are part of your name or identity, this could potentially dangerous as well.

When it comes to your identity unfortunately hackers can get this information pretty easy. There are also tools called scrapers and we are sure that there are other things as well, but they can just keep entering different passwords until it is the correct one. They can clean house, kinda like the best carpet cleaner in Pocatello! If they get into the right account!

It is true that the majority of accounts you create online have security in place to limit the amount wrong password to be entered resulting in the account getting locked, but there are some that don’t and other ways the bad guys can get your passwords.

How To Create A Strong Password…

Here are some thing guidelines to follow when you are creating a password for any online account. You will want to make it 100% unique without words and references to anything that pertains to your life.

You will also want to use letters, capital letters, numbers and special characters. Some accounts will limit the amount of digits, but if you can shoot for around 20 digits. Never use the same password on multiple accounts. Try not to use the same letter, number or special character in a row.

The real challenge is when it comes to remembering all your different logins. I would never store them on my computer for obvious reasons of getting hacked, then they would have them all. You can wright them all down, but that gets kinda hard especially when you go to type it in and it looks like this- #2HFhj(8rLp@jTsm$47Up2pY or something similar.

As you may know we do have a solution that we highly recommend that solves this problem. You can store all of your login info in one convenient place that you can access from your computer, tablet or phone.

That solution is True Key. Trusted by many to store all of their login info for all of their online accounts. Try them out to day!

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